Will the 2010-2011 Miami Heat win 60 games this season?

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Game 9: (Thu, Nov 11, 2010 8:00 PM)

vs. BOS


107-112 (L)


Will the Miami Heat lose this game?


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Pre-Game Analysis:


Game 2 for Boston and Miami where Miami will be looking to avenge their 1st loss of the season and will have the home court advantage this time around.  Both teams are coming off tough heart breaking loses and will be coming out with a lot of energy to vent their frustrations.

CDTF Key Points:

RONDOOOOooo - So far, the elite point guards have had their way with this Heat team, and Rondo has been amazing at the point averaging a beastly 14.8 dimes a game. Arroyo or Chalmers couldn't do that combined per game. When will LeBron say enough is enough, it's time to play PG permanently

The old 3 vs. The new 3 -  The old three are yes, "OLD", but have come into this season with a youthful rejuvenation and looking healthy. The new 3 have LeWade starting to mesh as both get closer to having big games in the same night, while Bosh is still clueless and is putting up numbers resembling his rookie season. I don't think Bosh's talk with LeBron helped that much, but I'm seeing that the Heat are going to him early in the game to get him going. The key here is that "The Old 3" have chemistry, while "The New 3" have huge money contracts.

Defense -  Like game 1, this game will come down to slowing the pace and hard nosed D.  Miami will need to try and speed things up against Boston and play some tight D in order to pull it off. It will be interesting if both O'Neals don't play this game because they do pose a huge problem for the Heat anywhere on the court.

Our Prediction:

If Shaq is healthy to return, then the Celtics should steamroll over the Heat with no problems. If Shaq or JO are not ready to play, then look for this game to be very, very tight like the Jazz game. In the end, the Celtics are our pick on Thursday. Erik Spoelstra seems to not understand how to utilize his team to the fullest yet. CDTF still believes that Riley should have signed Wade and Bosh and used LeBron's money to sign 2-3 good role players. Then the Heat would have been a force that could break the Bulls record.

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Post Game Comments:

Miami was luke warm tonight, while the Celtics had all pistons going. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce flicked the switch to automatic and poured the bucket in on Miami. Rondo continues to be a menance in the assists category, and KG played a solid game.

DWade forgot to show up to the game today, so it was Lebron's turn to be the man almost putting up another triple double. Chris Bosh showed a flash of his former self in the second quarter scoring 9 but continues to watch too much of that good cable tv to figure out what he needs to find his game.

So experience once again prevails. The old 3 + Rondo run over the Heat. The Celtics came in angry and the Heat didn't seem to care. Miami made a nice little run at the end of the game but Boston took this right from the 1st bucket and never looked back. Spoelstra's inexperience as a coach really shows, once again not knowing what to do against an experienced team and having no game plan to play against their weaknesses (teams with good PGs and any team that actually has a front court). After an unmotivating half time speech along with a lack of adjustments it seems like all that Pat Riley take over talk recently may come true sooner rather than later, and we may need to start keeping track of how many loses before Spoelstra's a goner.

Mr. Jeff Van Gundy, the Miami Heat are a very unspectacular 5-4 on the season, and we move the countdown to 6!

"The People Have Spoken":

Thanks for everyone who voted, this game's outcome was just like the vote. A comfortable Boston win. !!! SIX BABY !!! almost half way there.