Will the 2010-2011 Miami Heat win 60 games this season?

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Game 21: (Sat, Dec 4, 2010 7:30 PM)

vs. ATL


89-77 (W)


Will the Miami Heat lose this game?


Total Votes: 13

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Pre-Game Analysis:

Atlanta Rocks!!!!! Well so does Cleveland.

So, it's been a while since the countdown has moved from this cozy number of 2, but it's ok. The season is still young, and the Heat are not going to win 60 games out of 62, so eventually, the fireworks will go off and the countdown to failure will hit 0! As everyone says about the Miami Heat… We just gotta be patient with this team!

The Heat host Hotlanta to face the Hawks who are out without their star Joe Johnson after he had surgery on his elbow. A break for the Heat? Let's hope not. Besides that, the Hawks have enough firepower on their team to still compete with Elite teams in the Association so I expect this to be a close and entertaining game, unlikes the Cavs games (minus the crowd entertainment.. that was awesome!). The Miami Heat seem to be on a roll, but their schedule is pretty tough during the Christmas month, so lets see how many losses will they rack up. Time to take out this fire in Hotlanta

CDTF Key Points

No JJ, No Problem? - The man that does it all is out for 4-6 weeks and that hurts the ATL. Look for Marvin Williams and Bibby to step up big to fill this void.

Momentum building up Heat's confidence? - The Heat look very comfortable on the court now. Bosh has found his "balance", although Dwayne James are still looking for theirs. If they can build on their momentum, could they finally start beating elite teams?

Spo finally getting to the Heat? - Not much talk about Spo these days. Maybe the Heat are buying into his game plan? Or maybe they just killed 3 sub 500 teams. If they beat the ATL and the Jazz, the we'll see

Our Prediction:

NO JJ will hurt, but the ATL are still a good team. It's going to be too HOT in HOTlanta for the Heat, so look for them to fizzle in a close game with many lead changes. AKRON HATES YOU… SO DOES ATL!

Post Game Comments:

Double J really hurt the chances of the Hawks beating the Heat tonight, as this game was a close one, but the Heat managed to squeak by. The Hawks brought it to 5 points, but the Heat turned it up in the end to seal the victory. The Heat are now on a cool 4 game win streak after the player meeting and won't face another touch opponent until they face the Utah Jazz.

LBJ didn't have such a great game, after coming off that amazing game against his old team. I guess he had a Cleveland hangover. No matter, the losses will come people and we will be here to talk and laugh about these losses soon enough :) BEAT THE HEAT! BEAT THE HEAT! we can't wait to talk about another Heat loss!

"The People Have Spoken":

Again, low voting totals, and the votes were 1 vote in favour of the Hawks winning. Too bad they lost by a few points. JJ would have covered that. Let's hope he's back when they face the Heat again! Next time fans! Next time, we'll get it right.. Heat loss right :)